On Board Courier


Out of curiosity I got a part-time job as an On Board Courier. I delivered tools, spare parts, packages and documents all over the world. It was always a surprise what my next destination would be. It was always a surprise if a normal day would turn into a long and unexpected adventure. 


Besides my shipment I always carried my camera with me. After finishing my delivery I would start wandering around, discovering new cities and countries, meeting new people, hunting for photos. My photo book On Board Courier became an eclectic series of photos: from Oslo to New York, Geneva to Seoul, Bishkek or Mexico, and many other places. There is treasure everywhere.


On Board Courier/ Marco van Duyvendijk

Photos, essay and design: Marco van Duyvendijk

Cover illustration: Elianne Koolstra

120 pages and 3 fold out pages

Size: 21 by 26,6 cm

Double soft cover (Otastar binding)

Offset printing

Edition: 500

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Gewicht 650 g